Our winning team can meet all your building needs

Danlee only accepts the best when it comes to quality workmanship - that's why it has taken us years to find sub-contractors at the top of their fields.  We are extremely proud of our "subbies"and are only too happy to offer referrals to anyone looking for a tradesman you can trust.



Renovations are being made in Sandy Creek

New Homes

Whether you have council approved plans ready to go or only have a vague idea of what you want - we can help bring your new home to life.

Not sure where to start?  What about a Preliminary Agreement?  For a fixed price Danlee Constructions can take care of all your preliminaries (including site surveys, soil tests, plans and specifications, energy efficiency reports, engineering and certification).  We also provide our quote to complete the job, however you are under no obligation to have us complete the job at this stage.  Ask us for more details.



Home renovations in Sandy Creek


There is nothing worse than your expected completion date getting pushed back again and again.  

That's why at Danlee we like to provide you with a realistic, even conservative time frame - it's better to be pleasantly surprised than furious with frustration.  And for added peace of mind our contracts include financial compensation for you if we do go over the deadline.




Couple happy with renovations in Sandy Creek


Renovations are fraught with so many unknowns as well as unexpected hurdles along the way.  

This is where experience counts - having someone you trust to foresee many of these difficulties before it's too late.  Beware of fly-by-nighters who promise the world for next to nothing but sting you for extras after extras along the way - the job will end up costing way more in the end!